United States

  First Name LastName Gender Status Age Email
0 gupse bashcour F Single 1983 abeedaqween@adigachannel.net
Student at Seton Hall Uni, God bless our Caucasus...where the spirits of eagles still run free. Kavkaz Pso.
1 Sharizat Yagan F Married 1977 sharizat@earthlink.net
I'm a Graphic Artist, wife and mother. Like to meet new circassian friends
2 Alper Atlay M Single 1977 alperatlaytr@hotmail.com
Hi! I would like to meet circassians
3 Natashka Kaazbek F Single 1980 checheck78@yahoo.com
I am new in town. Viva Adiga.
4 Reslan Youghar M Married 1971 ryoughar@mindspring.com
Salaam to all Adighas all over the world. Write me any time you want, always intrested in meeting Adighas.
5 alper atlay M Single 1977 a_atlay@hotmail.com
6 Mustafa Ozdogan M Single 1982 usamus@hotmail.com
Hi! I would like to meet circassians.
7 Shireen Janbek Shuqum F Married 1974 shireeno@bigfoot.com
Chemical Engineer working at Hikma Pharmaceuticals in Amman, Jordan for now
8 Fadi Malkosh M Single 1982 dc1890@hotmail.com
Break the barrier...Break the enemy
9 samer badreddin M Single 1968 sbadreddin@adigha.org
hello for all circassians in the world
10 Ghaidar Bashmaf M Single 1981 kafkasheart@aol.com
A circassian guy from N.J,would like to hear from u all adighas..yep..aall of you
11 Nabil Dia M Married 1944 Dia1311@aol.com
I am half Circassian and half Turkish. I was born in Amman Jordan and live in the Great US of A.
12 Janti Cray M Single 1981 jcray1@earthlink.net
Hello all Circassians. Im a male age 20 in NJ. Waiting to here from people.
13 yazan burtamoukh M Single 1977 yshabsough@yahoo.com
i,m from jordan now in usa........nj........and: hi to u all.........
14 Nejan Huvaj F Other 1977 hnejan@hotmail.com
I am a Circassian, born in Turkey, now in Illinois, USA.
15 Ergun Koyuncu M Married 1969 koyuncu69@hotmail.com
I would like to hear from Circassians living in Chicago land area.
16 Yanal Kashoqa M Single 1970 Yanni_Kashoqa@msn.com
An Adiga fron NJ originaly from Jordan. Computer Science graduate. Shoot me an email to find out more.
17 Jane Noghoy F Single 1975 janedogan@hotmail.com
I am a Kabardey (origins in Kayseri Uzunyayla) doing MBA at Texas A&M University, and would like to correspond with Circassians in the US.
18 Mo nazmedin M Single 1983 thug504@hotmail.com
Im proud of beeing what i am
19 Fawaz Dair M Married 1949 Dairov@msn.com
Circassians , Kabardey , born in Syria , living in USA
20 Kabarda Tokhtamesh F Single 1985 Kabeauty1@aol.com
im like heaven every1 wanna get to me how you gonna make it to the gates and forget the key?
My grandparents are from Ubih region with a surname which I really do not know the meaning. Anybody related with the roots of Biringen family?
22 Zara Helmi F Married 1966 zhelmi@msn.com
I am a Doctor from Caucasus.
23 Waleed Shouakar M Married 1960 wazermes@yahoo.com
God bless all freedom loving people.
24 Katia Tokhtamish F Other 1980 sassa@nana.co.il
University student in California majoring in international relations/journalism.Would like to correspond with open-minded Circassian intellectuals.
25 Aahed Yenam M Other 1966 YenamA@go.com
I would like to have my name added to your list, and hear from you from time to time. Thanks
26 Daniel Tareky M Single 1977 fullmjm049@aol.com
I live in NJ and I am extremely proud to Circassian
27 Rania Brock F Single 1984 Tsay2284@yahoo.com
Student at WVHS but soon going to a far away place to get away from people here in Jersey!!
28 Janti Doughoz M Single 1979 Twilight119@hotmail.com
Finishing school May 2002 in Finace + Economics. Starting an M.B.A. of Finance in Fall 2002
29 Nazir Mamkej M Married 1949 nazir1@bellatlantic.net
I am Adigha chala by all means