Others Countries

  First Name LastName Country Gender Status Birthdate Email
1 Omar Daghestan Saudi Arabia M Single 9/10/1975 omar_daghestani@yahoo.com
Salam.. I am adega from Makkah.
2 Khalid AJ Saudi Arabia M Other 1/1/1978 khalid_aj@hotmail.com
Hi there, I am a saudi and would like to make friends with circassians all around the world..
3 Youssef Bayram Saudi Arabia M Married 3/12/1970 youss_n@yahoo.com
I am From Syria and working in saudia arebia and I hop to all peopel happy life very nice lucky
4 ali fahad Saudi Arabia M Single 1/1/1977 klkng11@yahoo.com
i would like to join this great group
5 Burhan Balgar Belgium M Single 1976 Burhan Bakar
born in Turkey, studying in Belgium and wishing to turn back motherland.
6 Ruzanna Abaza Norway F Single 1985 ruzzi99@hotmail.com
Hi Im adiga girl frome norway I hope to meet here many adiga frome hol over the world     Thanks for  help