First Name LastName Gender Status Age Email
0 hisham matkari M Single 1981
1 Nancy Sober F Single 1979
above all we are circassian....
2 Zewer Soubar M Single 1981
3 Zaid Hatokay M Single 1981
I like the circassians to be realy and behave as a a circassians
4 samer aiy M Single 1978
5 evan aiy M Single 1979
6 lina yawtakh F Single 1978
like to meet circassians
7 DANA SOUBER F Single 1981
God bless all ADIGAZ
8 Abdullah Gottah M Single 1984
Plan ur Future frome Now! wish a good future to all circassians...
9 Jawad Shhaltough M Single 1980
ADIGA is the best
10 Janty Hatkwa M Single 1971
proud to be circassian
11 wisam hatk M Single 1978
adiga way way
12 Maen Hakooz M Single 1975
I love freedom, justice, and peace.
13 Lina Souber F Single 1982
Teham Adigho tekzareghakhoghamja tajoshoa...
14 adam Abaza M Other 1970
God bless the cufkaz and there people around the world
15 ivan mashkhog M Married 1968
16 fadi ramzi M Single 1979
god save adiga cause we care
17 Yanal Malkosh M Single 1985
studieng in P.H.S , God bless all the Malgwash family.
18 fadi mashkog M Single 1973
god bless adiga
19 Ashraf Bashqawi M Single 1980
god bless u alllllllllllllllllllll
20 Shamel Janakat M Single 1981
Im a Free man! And i like to say.. any one should respect the others to be respected!
21 AWNI NAGHWAY M Single 1982
what can i say else:ADIGA IS THE BEST
22 Ismaeel Souber M Other 1984 Admin@AdigaBza.Net
God Bless All Circassians
23 Majdi Dodokh M Single 1978
Industrial Eng. friendly, welcoming and proud being ADIGA
24 Taymour Bushmaph M Single 1982
hope to see yur my e-mail:))
25 hiba cossack F Single 1983
26 Ayman Janab M Single 1976
Hi,Im a Circassian guy who lives in Canada/Vancouver.For those of you who missed me, you will find my new web site link soon !!!
27 nujud cossack F Single 1981
studing modern languages at jordan university german and english one of my dreams and ambitions is to travel around the whole world
28 Ana$ LebzO M Single 1983
B AdigA Or Die KaVKaZ^^^L mob:00962 79791913
29 ahmad kazak M Single 1977
i am an engineer ilike to know and meet people
30 Hashim Mola M Single 1984
Proud to be circassian
31 Firas Pkheshkh M Married 1968
we are from Ali-berdouka - Cherkesk
32 Ibrahim Varoqua M Single 1969
Hi all adiga
33 Nour Habjoka F Single 1981
34 Hashem Shhanouq M Single 1978
nice to meet you