First Name LastName Gender Status Age Email
0 Hasan Jurt M Single 1961
Selam guape fysoh
1 Khamed Naguch M Single 1955
Selam from Tuapse (Black Sea Coast), Shapsughia.
2 nawriz pshidatequ M Single 1979
adigha chalaj mieqwapam sishipsaw
3 Yasar Yilmaz (Mezako) M Married 1971
gupmahue nibjogha
4 Yamen Mashfej M Other 1978
Sometimes...Its nice to be ADIGA..I like it?
5 Halit Hakan Yaras M Single 1975
Dear all, i am Kabardian from Germany and hope to learn more about our culture and try to get in ctct with my brothers and sisters.
6 Ella Chirjin F Single 1980
Living far away from matherland now & just wanna now all about my circassian family,the best one.
7 Iqbal Balagh M Single 1977
8 Mazen Bayram(Siukh) M Single 1962
Circassian born in Syria , studied in Nalchik, living and working in Maykop,R.Adigeya.
9 Chilar Kat M Single 1980
10 Ali BERZEG M Single 1980
I only accept circassians wishing live in CIRCASSIA...
11 Mohammad Qambachoqua M Single 1979
12 nawras malgosh M Single 1979
I am the best......I am adiga
13 Azamat Dyshech M Other 1980
I`m will be like to speak with circassians from all the world, and if like you can visit my homepage
14 Rustam Hasanov M Single 1979
I am Kabardey (Adige) .Born in Nalchik and studdying in Turkey... .
15 Narch Kat M Single 1979
I like be ADIG..................
16 Radion Sakiev M Other 1977 RADYONSAKYEV
I from Cherkessk. I ym Adyga
17 Rouslan Sijaja M Single 1961 RouslanSijaja
I'm from Nalchik,KBR. I'm working in a field of information technology.
18 Mariana Zhiliaeva F Single 1975 MarianaZhiliaeva
don't wait to e-mail a cool circassian girl .It's a joke!Seriously: I'll be very glad to get your l
19 Nadia Shik F Single 1978 ShikNadia
i'm a circassian girl from Nalchik.
20 Aslan Zhigun M Married 1969 Aslan Zhigun
I am Kabardian, doctor. I'd love to meet Circassians from all over the world.
21 Marianna Kalmik F Other 1972 MARIANNA KALMIK
I will be happy to welcome you, in Caucasus.
22 Marianna Dokh F Other 1978 Marianna Dokh
I like good music, sport and travelling. Best wishes to u.
23 Zawer Gogunoko M Other 1973 Zawer Gogunoko
I am from Nalchik, Kabarda. I'll glad see you on page
24 Azret Kalmykov M Other 1975 Azret Kalmykov
Proud to be from Kavkaz, check my home
25 Anzor Tabuh M Married 1980
from Nalchik but now live in the UK
26 Rouslan Sijaja M Single 1961
I'm from Nalchik,KBR. I'm up to neck in IT.
27 Aslanbach Nacho M Single 1983
Adiga - thats anothe