First Name LastName Gender Status Age Email
0 Mohamed Lash M Single 1984
sit pfuada?
1 Leyla Yildiz F Single 1976
Kabardian, Mechanical Engineer,Parents from Sivas, Turkey,but born in Windsor,ON,Canada and would love to meet my own people. Long live the ADIYE.
2 Nazir Karaf M Single 1970
Living in a great bilingual and multi-culture city Montreal but missing Maykop(park, swmming pool)and friends :Nalbi Aslan Roustam Zarima and Fatimat
3 Adel Xakozh(Hakouz) M Married 1954
Si Adygho...nibzhi s` schighopshinep.
4 Rosa Barsik F Single 1985
aLwAyZ lOvE mAkInG nEw FrIeNdS....eSpEcIaLlY ADIGAZ...iTs SiMpLe: WE ROCK..hehe.. hOpE tO hEaR fRoM yAlL sOoN...peace out